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Audi Estimates the Frustration of Drivers around US in Real-Time


Audi has recently launched its Road Frustration Index, a site that in real-time estimates driver frustration in different regions of the United States.

The company developed the program together with SENSEable City Lab at MIT. To calculate driver frustration the Index analyzes several factors, including a weather index that evaluates occurrences based on driver visibility and weather harshness, traffic (distance, time spent in delays), sentiment (looking for keywords on Twitter such as "traffic jam"), and road accidents.

After combining all the upper mentioned factors, the site offers a general score that can reach a maximum of 100 points.

It would be interesting to note that the Road Frustration Index site is in fact a part of an ad campaign meant to focus attention on the new Audi A6 that is to be launched in 2012.

According to Audi, its new vehicle is centering on the subject of "making the road a more intelligent place." However, those who do not own an Audi also have the opportunity to make use of the Index, which could be rather helpful for heavy commutes, reports FastCompany.

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