Tuesday, 10 Mar, 2009 Technology

Audio Invention to Help Spot Where the Video Pirate is Sitting


With the help of digital marks that are built into movies, it will be possible to spot the seat from which a video pirate made an illegal copy of a film.

Through audio watermarks it is possible to say the approximate distance of the pirate from the cinema's speakers and even spot the actual seat of a pirate.

Together with his team, Noboru Babaguchi of Osaka University in Japan says that if the cinema, where the pirate showed up, is known, then it is possible to identify where the person was sitting. He says that the audio watermark is introduced into the soundtrack of a movie by a little variation of the waveform of music and speech at standard intervals.

Noboru Babaguchi and his colleague developed a watermark that has its specific signal in each channel of the soundtrack. The soundtrack is played by different loudspeakers in the cinema. If the researchers study the audio recorded on the pirated tape, they can identify the distance between the microphone of the camera and the loudspeakers, informs NewScientist.

"This is a brand new application of the digital watermarking technique," researchers write in a paper that will be published in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

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