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Augmented Reality Tested in Japan's Supermarkets


Japan has already started implementing augmented reality technologies. Toppan Printing Co Ltd., a Japanese company, started testing its new terminal that resembles a vending machine and makes use of AR functions to showcase goods at three Ito-Yokado supermarkets.

For instance, people can use their cell phones to read the QR codes printed along with sample product data featured on electronics fliers that they can find on the official site of the Japanese company. As soon as users completed the member registration on the website, they get a QR code, which, when shown to the camera mounted on a terminal, allows obtaining a sample product.

When customers show the sample products to the camera, the screen on the machine superimposes the description of the item on a real image, informs TechOn.

Augmented reality technologies have also been applied by Sony Music Communications Inc (SMC) and Sky&Road Co Ltd. The two companies offer "interactive show-window display using AR technologies." Their technology allows an individual that faces the display to superimpose a virtual image around him or her in the real image by making use of a special face recognition technology. The display takes advantage of the AR development kit developed by Total Immersion, a France-based software solutions provider. It can be viewed at children's clothing department at an Isetan department store located in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.

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