Monday, 24 May, 2010 Technology

Autopia Europia - The Largest Auto-Mall on Earth


Designed by the GAD (global architectural development), a design company from Turkey, this structure, entitled Autopia Eutopia, represents the world's biggest auto-mall.

Customers will have the possibility to explore a wide range of used and new vehicles under a single roof. The mall was designed in collaboration with Dara Kirmizitoprak. It expands over a huge territory of 216,000 square meters.

The Autopia Eutopia includes a rooftop track where customers are free to perform test drives of different cars, without having to leave the mall.

It is worth mentioning that designers decided to include in their structure 48 private car service stations, 24 banks, a car park that can house up to 900 vehicle and 56 food and drink shops, restaurants and cafes that are located on each of the mall's five floors, informs Designboom.

In addition, the Autopia Eutopia has 200 auto galleries, featuring 443 brands and 2526 different types of vehicle.


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