Friday, 23 Jul, 2010 Technology

Battery Charger that Can Be Attached to Your Shoes


Soledad Martin, a designer from Argentina, developed a new type of charger for cell phones.

His concept is based on the contemporary way of turning motion into electric energy (kinetic energy) using nanogenerator system.

The most interesting thing about the new charger is that it can be easily and firmly attached to the user's shoes and when the person goes out for a walk or practices any kind of sport, the device recharges batteries attached to the charger.

Thus when the user's player or cell phone is running out of power, he or she can recharge it using a USB cable. It is possible to recharge different portable devices virtually anywhere, informs The Design Blog.

It would be interesting to note that the charger comes with interchangeable straps with snap buttons. Thu the user is free to select what color to wear.

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