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BattroBorg 20 - Remote-Controlled Fighting Robots


Takara Tomy has recently unveiled BattroBorg 20 fighting robots that represent physical toys operated with the help of Wii-like controllers.

The robots repeat the moves made by their operators, throwing punches with the same arm the user does.

The right arm of each robot carries out a long straight hit, while the left one performs a hook. In addition, each robot moves forward and left and right as the user perform punching moves on the controller.

It would be interesting to note that each controller is equipped with a speaker that provides damage-robot sounds when one of the robots hits the other. In addition, the LED damage meter shows how many kicks a robot received. For a technical knock-out the robot has to receive five hits.

In the land of the rising sun the BattroBorg 20 set will be launched on July 14th, wearing a price tag of around $50.

The retailer noted that up to 20 robots can be engaged in one battle.

[via DigInfo]

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