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Be a Martian is the New Project of NASA and Microsoft

The software giant Microsoft has teamed up with NASA to set up an interactive website that makes it possible for the users to study closer the red planet. The website is called and it allows users to help scientists carry out research tasks like improving the maps of Mars.

Doug McCuistion, who is currently heading NASA's Mars Exploration Program, stated: "With so much data coming back from Mars missions that are accessible by all, exploring Mars has become a shared human endeavor."

He mentioned that users can, for instance, count the large number of volcanoes on the red planet, which NASA considered a rather difficult task. But a team of a thousand users will be able to complete the task and help researchers create a more accurate map of the planet.

Be a Martian is a website that features hundreds of thousands of images of the red planet, some of which have never been shown before. It includes a "virtual town hall," a place where people can ask questions that will eventually be answered by Mars specialists, and give away prizes to software developers who make instruments that could help grant access to Mars pictures for various uses.

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