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BiKN - System that Helps You Find Lost Items


In case you often forget where you put your car keys then the BiKN (pronounced beacon) is the device for you.

The gadget represents a tracking system composed of an iPhone case, a special application and up to 8 tags that the user can attach to various items that are often forgotten.

BiKN is always there to help its user locate missing items. It can also be used to instantly located the current location on your child.

The device's case includes a black or white base that slides into an electronic unit used to gain accesses to the handset via its 30-pin connector.

It is possible to recharge the phone by placing it in the case. The latter can also track radio frequency tags that can be attached onto key chains, bags, or children's clothing. However, it should be noted that both the tags and case must be charged in order to function. The BiKN application informs about the current level of battery life.

There are 3 ways in which the user can keep track of their items or children. If Find mode is activated, the app is used to find lost items with the help of a visual display and an audio tone. In case the Leash mode is turned on, the user will hear an alarm on both the case and the tag, if a tagged item goes beyond a pre-determined distance from the case. The third mode is called Page mode and with its help the user can program several tags and/or other bases to sound an alert, which has the goal of catching the attention of tag-wearing people.

Due to the fact that the Leash and Page modes do note require the use of the application, they can be used when the handset is turned off.

[via BiKN]

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