Monday, 31 Jan, 2011 Technology

BMW 1 Series Controlled With the Help of Nokia C7 Smartphone


A very interesting technical innovation has recently leaked on the Internet - a real BMW controlled with the help of a Nokia C7 handset.

In order to be able to control the car using a smartphone, two Chinese young men had to develop special software for the Nokia C7 in China.

The electronic genius An Jiaxuan is fond of self-developed applications for smartphones. He is the author of a number of apps that allow a smartphone user to switch the lights and air conditioning on and off and take photos with a tripod-mounted camera.

Jiaxuan needed some electronic and mechanical parts, software knowledge and 20 days to develop the app that would allow him to remotely control the BMW 1-series hatchback using Nokia C7.

According to a spokesman for Nokia in Australia, the company worked together with the two Chinese inventors on the development of the tool, reports CarScoop.

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