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Boeing to Release Ultra Secure Android-Powered Smartphone


Boeing is the name that is linked with the aerospace industry. However, the company is getting ready to present a super secure handset that runs Android.

It turns out the Boeing is also one of the leading military contractors in the world. Taking into consideration that there're a lot of military secrets out there, the company came up with the idea of creation its own secure phones.

Today shelf encrypted secure phones are already available on the market, but their price tag ranges from $15k to $20k. Plus these can run only secure proprietary applications.

The handset that Boeing is to launch is developed in a way so regular apps could be used. Besides, its price would be much lower. Still the company did not offer any details on pricing.

At first Boeing will start using the new phone for its own needs, but then it plans to offer it to other firms.

Possibly later this year the phone will be released.

[via Android Community]

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