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Bottom Scanners to Detect Mobile Phones in Prisoners


Prisons located on the territory of the United Kingdom look forward to introduce bottom scanners, which would help prevent the smuggling of mobile phones by prisoners.

The latest invention represents a chair, which its developers dubbed Body Orifice Security Scanners (Boss). The GBP6,500 chair will alert each time a phone is found inside a prisoner that sits on it. The chair non-intrusively scans prisoners, being also able to detect drugs and weapons.

Officials stated that 102 jails will have this invention installed. It is expected that the Boss chair will stop the increasing rate of mobile phones smuggling.

There are three sensitive sensors installed in the mobile chair. The sensors are able to identify metal items of different sizes, even those that have the size of a pin, reports The Telegraph. The design of the invention is rather frightening since Boss resembles an electric chair.

Boss also features a metal detector mounted on the seat and audio and visual alarms which are turned on each time metal is brought into the magnetic field. The whole scanning procedure takes a few seconds. One that is being screened should place his or her chin near the oral sensor and after that sit for a moment in the chair.

The most successful proved to be the Boss chairs installed at Woodhill prison, in Milton Keynes, which were able to identify 21 mobile phones in just a few months.

According to Prisons Minister David Hanson the idea is to prevent the smuggling of mobile phones, put a stop to contacts with drug dealers on the outside, prevent bullying and tackle those who run criminal activities inside prison.

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