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British Invents Anti-Paedophilies Software


A computer program that is aimed at haunting internet sex offenders, who are chatting under kids mask was released by a British inventor.

The innovative software is able to analyze the user's language patterns in relation to his age. This program is based on the knowledge that adults use more complicated phrases and punctuations when writing in the chartrooms. Even those who try to pretend they are kids cannot dodge the program, which can spot that a person uses simple words but speak in written form more often than a child would.

In addition to this, software takes into account such factors as sexual content in the course of all the chat relationships. If something looks dangerous, the text will be send to parents When the software find something suspicious it alerts the parents by sending them an e-mail or text excerpt.

Adam Hildreth, 22 year old inventor, named Young Entrepreneur of the Year, who created the Anti-Grooming Engine in cooperation with Cambridge University claims that it's 99 percent accurate. No matter how smart a sex offender is, this software tool is able to detect his tricks and protect kids.

The idea was already supported by National Council of Parent Teacher Associations and The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center - the Government's anti-child abuse agency. They consider any protective measures against child abuse online a "golden opportunity".

Most children now surf the web without parental supervision and as many as one in seven kids is approached by web sex offender.

Mr.Hildreth now offers the program for free to the first 10,000 people registering on his site. Later he is aimed to charge £2 a month.

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