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Building That Can be Easily Dismantled and Reconstructed Elsewhere


Together with a team of designers, Marcello Silvestre, from Iodice Architetti, developed a futuristic design of the Italian Pavillion. The project was made exclusively for the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Among the designers who worked on the project besides Silvestre, there should be mentioned: Francesco Iodice and Giuseppe Iodice from Iodice Architetti, Giampaolo Imbrighi, Teresa Crescenzi, Antonello De Bonis, and Cosimo Dominelli.

The most interesting feature of the building is that it can be easily dismantled and reconstructed in another place. By observing the building's smaller scale, you can see how the pavilion is made and how it can be dismantled and reconstructed. The sections of the pavilion together create a geometrical variety that serve as symbols of the tradition and regional customs that characterize the Italian identity.

It is worth mentioning that the pavilion represents a fusion of an Italian urban building and the architectural composition of a popular Chinese construction game, known as Shanghai.

The whole construction will cover 3,600 square meters and will be 18 meters high. Inside, the pavilion is divided in a number of irregular sections that are connected with the help of a steel bridge structure. Each section has a different size. Each of the parts of the mosaic illustrates a single picture.

The form of the building symbolizes how complex are the cities in Italy, featuring short and narrow roads that can unexpectedly turn into large squares, which is similar to common urban centers in China.

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