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Cafe in Japan Makes 3D Printed Gummies of Yourself


Everybody knows about Valentine's Day, and Japan in no exception - girls giving gifts to boys. But after a month, the land of the rising sun celebrates the "White Day", when guys have to give gifts to girls.

With this in mind Tokyo's FabCafe decided to come up with a rather odd treat for men to give their sweethearts.

The cafe selected 9 males, scanned their bodies and created 3D printed gummies. It would be worth mentioning that custom-made 3D-printed gummies are not cheap, the price tag being $62.

Despite the fact that the gummies aren't life-size, they can be made in different colors and flavors.

Food produce by 3D printers is not new, but such level of customization really amazing. This is mainly because it brings the thoughtfulness to gift giving to a new level. Just think about it - you're buying 3D gummy of yourself for your sweetheart to chew.

[via PSFK]

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