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Camera Designed for Visually Impaired


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Designer Nadeem Haidary presented its new concept - a camera developed for blind people. The camera allows visually impaired people to take pictures accompanied by sound clips that are registered simultaneously. Thus blind people will be able to share their happy moments with the loved ones

The pictures could be vectorized and laser cut, which would allow creating 3D images that blind people could "see" through touch.

Researchers at the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, carried out a number of tests and interviews to see the camera's possibilities. It is worth mentioning that the camera is made of durable materials.

Engineers made the camera easy to use for the blind people. To turn the camera on the user has to simply turn the main ring and to zoom in one has to pull the lens out. By pressing the button once, the user takes a picture and if the button is held than the audio clip is recorded. More images and information available here.

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