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Case that Makes Your iPad Water-, Dustproof Without Covering the Screen


The latest product presented by a company called Lifeproof is a case that makes your iPad waterproof but at the same time it does not cover the device's screen.

Dubbed the nüüd, the cover boasts an IP-68 protection rating, which means that it will be able to protect your tablet at a depth of two meters (6.6 feet) for 30 minutes, and resists drops from up to four feet (1.2 meters). In addition, the cover will protect the iPad from dust and dirt. To remind you that the nüüd leaves the iPad's screen completely exposed to the elements. The cover's front edges seal against the glass of the display.

The ports that are covered by nüüd, nevertheless do not restrain the user from using buttons and ports. The camera is covered by a clear glass lens, which makes it completely functional.

Audio is provided from the front of the case with the help of Sound Enhancement System channels, thus ensuring a better sound quality.

The Lifeproof nüüd is compatible with the second- and third-generation iPads. It also comes bundled with a cover and stand available for 127.53 euro (about US$160). The company also manufactures covers for the iPhone 4/4S.

[via Lifeproof]

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