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CBS acquires an online high school sports network


Representatives of CBS Corp. said that the corporation has taken over MaxPreps - an online network for high school sports. This acquisition is intended to expand the company's local sports coverage. The deal remained under the seal of secrecy and no one has given any comments on it. The only known detail about this transaction is that Jefferies Broadview were advising MaxPreps in financial matters.

MaxPreps, which is from now on a part of one of the biggest broadcasting network, has been the source of sport information for many young men and women.

A typical high school sports year consists of about 80,000 football games and of about 500,000 both boys and girls basketball games. After CBS has taken over, MaxPreps has become a part of CSTV - College Sports Television.

One million high school athletes are still registered to use MaxPreps, the CBS officials added.

Andy Beal, President and CEO of MaxPreps, expressed his joy and thrill to become part of the CBS company. He also added that this acquisition will help in promoting not only the sports stars, but will also show the entire nation the upcoming stars in all kinds of national sports. He said that this transaction will keep millions of people informed on latest high school sports events and will entertain sport communities based around high schools.

Mr. Beal will retain his seat, yet obliged to report to Brian Bedol, the President and CEO of the CSTV Networks, Inc.

MaxPreps, Inc. was founded by a venture capital of DFJ Frontier, BEV Capital and Dolphin Equity. It is known to be the national main online source for high school sports. It keeps track of events, features statistics, contains stories about high school athletes and their coaches. Photos of these people are also available. The company's headquarters is situated in Cameron Park, CA.

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