Monday, 14 Feb, 2011 Technology

Chastity Garter that Alerts the Man When His Woman is Cheating


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A British couple decided to launch onto the market a garter that alerts a man if his significant other is cheating on him.

Dubbed the Chastity Garter, the device features sensors that register in real time the heart rate from the femoral artery in the thigh, and surface moisture, and alert the man if his woman is aroused when she's not near him.

The couple's firm called Gorgeous Garters says that in case their invention detects a rising pulse of one's wife or girlfriend when the husband or boyfriend is not around, it automatically transmits a warning text message. The device also sends an alert message when it's removed.

The company charges between GBP60 and GBP75 for the garter. The price depends on the type of material used the garter is made of. One can order a garter made from silk or lace. The most interesting thing is that the product became an instant success in UK and it is already sold out.

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