Thursday, 26 Apr, 2012 Technology

Chery @Ant Concept - Connect Up to 10 Vehicles to Form a Road Train


At lot of interesting vehicles were presented at this year's Beijing Motor Show. One of those that caught the attention of the public was the @Ant concept developed by Chery.

Besides boasting a futuristic and unusual design for a car, Chery @Ant may also represent the first step in creating a "road train" system that would allow several individual vehicles to attach and detach on demand.

The formation of a road train became possible thanks to the special automated telematics system that allows a vehicle's rear wheels to get connected to the front wheels of another car.

If two or more Chery @Ants head towards the same destination, they can use the cloud to share and process the data and connect to each other. The road train may consist of a maximum of 10 @Ants.

[via Car News China]

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