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China's Google in Japan


The number one search engine in China,, has started its own Japanese search engine, which is the company's first regular service it provides outside of China. The new website, called includes a search bar for Web page and image searches. The site also features a user help and advanced services.

The so-called "China's Google" was about to expand its activity overseas as early as March. Until recently Baidu was a Web site with a single-page notice and without any links to services. Its officials did not state when Baidu’s service went live. The company's representative was out of reach to give any comments.

Being based in Beijing, Baidu recently has set up its branch in Japan and registered the Web address for its portal in Japan's native language.

A source mentioned that Robin Li, the chairman of Baidu, also became interested in the search services provided in Korean language.

It is worth mentioning that Baidu competes with number one search engine Google, which, by the way, already provides Web search services in both Japanese ( and Korean ( languages.

Being the second largest Internet market in the world after the United States, China is the home of 137 million Web users. This is why Baidu looks forward to become Google’s main competitor.

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