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China's New Skyscraper to Be Equipped with World's Fastest Elevator


Soon the world's fastest elevators will be installed in a Chinese building.

The Shanghai Tower in China will be a 2,073-ft-tall structure with 128 floors. It was designed by San Francisco-based architects at Gensler and its bullet-shaped elevators were constructed by Mitsubishi.

The skyscraper will be China's tallest building and it is expected to open in 2014.

To be able to provide a comfy and safe ride, the elevators were equipped with the latest technology Mitsubishi could come up with.

The elevators will be able to run at a speed of 1,080 meters-per-minute (more than 40 mph). Those at Khalifa (that are currently considered to be the world's fastest) are moving at 700 meters a minute (around 26 mph).

Such an impressive speed is reached thanks to a new type of bundled cord composed of plastic-covered steel strands that provide "higher intensity [thresholds] than conventional rope for safe operation despite the greater weight of longer ropes." In addition, the elevators boast ceramic brakes able to resist the high amount of heat; a shock absorber located at the bottom of the elevator shaft; and a number of other features that will deal with uncomfortable vibration and offer sound insulation.

In addition, the air pressure control system will reduce ear discomfort.

[via GenslerOn]

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