Thursday, 09 Dec, 2010 Technology

Chinese Company Launches Solar-Powered Air Conditioner


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China's Gree Electric Appliances has developed a solar-powered air conditioner that can transmit excess of energy to the power grid.

The company hopes to sell its first 500 units in the United States. Then it looks forward to selling the device in China.

It is worth mentioning that the air conditioner mainly makes use of solar energy. According to Huang Hui, chief engineer of Gree Electric Appliances, when there's not enough sunlight the device uses electricity from the power grid.

The demand for solar-powered air conditioners in China is continuously rising and the company plans to start producing its second generation solar-powered air conditioner in January 2011. It says that the device will run on solar energy solely and will produce zero emissions, reports English.Xinhuanet.

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