Friday, 13 Jan, 2012 Technology

Chinese Construction Firm Erects 30-Story Building In Just 15 Days


A construction company from China managed to erect a 3-story building in just 360 hours (15 days). Broad Group from Hunan Province built a 183-square feet hotel that though was constructed extremely fast, does not lack quality.

The structure is sturdy, resistant to earthquakes of magnitude 9. In addition, the building boasts a sustainable architecture design, featuring 4-paned insulated windows along with a smart heat conservation system.

According to the Chinese firm, the hotel is 5 times more energy-efficient than traditional hotels. Besides, the air filters used in the building, make the air inside 20 times purer compared to conventional hotels.

Although the hotel was built in just 15 days, all of the materials used to erect the structure were prefabricated and of course this took more than 360 hours.

Check out the video below to see how the structure was built.

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