Thursday, 29 Dec, 2011 Technology

Chinese Inventor Builds DIY Hummer


An inventor from China managed to build his own miniature Hummer-like vehicle and spent just $600.

Qu Zhibo, who lives in the Sichuan Province, has spent three years creating his "knock off" armored command vehicle.

Surely the car looks nothing like a factory-made vehicle, but still the ingenuity of the Chinese engineer is worth appreciating.

The inventor himself said that the car "is kind of swaggering to drive."

One of the main drawbacks is that Qu won't be able to ride his vehicle on the streets as it is against national policy to ride and homemade car on the country's roads.

However, this seems not to be a problem for the man as he intends to drive only in front of his restaurant. He welcomes his friends to try the car, but only if they drive it in the yard.

[via Chinahush]

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