Friday, 15 Jul, 2011 Technology

Chinese Inventor Creates DIY iPad from Scrap Parts


Liu Xinying, a 21-year-old Chinese uploaded a 20-minute video on Youku (the Chinese version of YouTube) in which he uses a number of electronics parts, which he got from the computer store where he works, to assemble a touchscreen and case.

In reality it took the young man two weeks to create the touchscreen with detachable keypad and the leather carrying case.

His bulkier version of the iPad runs on Windows XP. Due to the fact that the inventor's device somewhat resembles Apple's counterpart, he decided to add an accurately designed Apple logo.

According to Liu, he spent 2,000 Yuan (just over $300) to build the device.

After he uploaded the clip, Liu has been several times approached by different people asking him to build another device for sale, but he refused saying that he only did tit for entertainment.

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