Wednesday, 29 Dec, 2010 Technology

Chinese May Become the Language of the Internet


Since the launch of the World Wide Web its language was English, but time goes by and soon the language of the Internet may become Chinese.

Firstly this can occur due to the fact that there are a lot of people in PRC that have Internet access. Besides, this number continuously increases. It would be interesting to note that today the number of Chinese Internet users is almost the same as the number of English users.

Secondly, recently there has been an official decree that requires that all magazines, newspapers and web-pages written in English to be translated into Chinese.

It looks like Chinese authorities came to the conclusion that Chinese language needs to be preserved.

The General Administration of Press and Publication website recently stated that the mixing of foreign words in all publications written in Chinese without an accompanying Chinese language translation will be banned (this includes the names of people and places, acronyms, abbreviations and common phrases).

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