Monday, 03 May, 2010 Technology

Chinese Robotics Company Develops Family Nanny


Siasun, a Chinese company that specializes in robotics, came up with the Family Nanny robot that not only looks cute, but also has a myriad of useful features. For example, it can detect gas leaks, call the police, text message or call the owner in case of emergency and chat with you whenever you feel lonely.

In addition, the battery used by the robot needs just 2 hours to reach a full charge and run for 8 hours. Although the company already announced the price for its robot, which is $1,500, the Nanny will be commercially produced in 5 years.

The initial goal of the robot's developers was to create a machine that would be able to take care of the elderly. In case of emergency the Family Nanny can also send remote signals to people that are near the house, so they could call for help, reports Plastic Pals.

In future the Chinese robotic company looks forward to create robots that could help during natural disasters, using their robotic perception to be able to identify earthquakes, locate mine victims and more.

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