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Citizen Unveils Wristwatch that Mixes Fashion and High Tech


Today it is easy to find a Bluetooth watch, but most of them (if not all) are not made for fashion-addicted fellow.

To solve the issue, Citizen decided to create the Eco-Drive Proximity watch that encompasses both fashion and Bluetooth. Made of steel, the analogue timepiece does not appear at first glance like a high tech device.

However, the watch can synch up to an iPhone 4S or other gadgets that run Bluetooth 4.0. In case the user misses a call or receives a message, one of the hands will point to a word on the dial to inform about that.

In addition, the watch has even got a search mode to help the wearer find the phone if it's lost in the house.

The Proximity is priced at about $550.

[via A Blog to Read]

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