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Collective Works - Device that Exploits the Idea of Teamwork


Dubbed Collective Works, this interesting concept has the goal of exploring the idea of teamwork. It is worth mentioning that the machine was commissioned by W Hotels for the 2011 Design Miami/Basel.

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler represent the duo behind Studio mischer'traxler that is located in Vienna and is the developer of the Collective Works project.

Their invention involves a simple basket-weaving machine that makes every onlooker a collaborator. The device works almost like any other basket-waving machine. However, because it features sensors incorporated in the frame, the device is able to identify the number of people standing by it.

Thus when no one is near the machine does not start, when one individual is standing near, the machine begins to back up and if a second onlooker joins the first, the machine draws a light color to the basket.

The more people and watching the process the more complex the process becomes, with the device being able to add up to 4 colors. Such invention really makes people more social and could turn into a wise enrichment for a home.

[via StyleSight]

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