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Colorful Diorama Manipulated With the Power of Mind


Alex McLeod is an artist from Toronto who is known for his colorful digital landscapes. However, recently he decided to experiment with technology that allows controlling different things with the power of mind.

The Canadian artist teamed up with Interaxon, a Canadian company that focuses on thought-controlled computing technology to develop a three-dimensional diorama that can be manipulated using the power of mind and muscle motions.

Interaxon constructed a real-time compositing engine that allows manipulating the components of McLeod's work based on one's brain activities and muscle movements. For example, in case the user clenching their jaw, a boat rocks or if one blinks then clouds bounce.

The smoke from the houses can be produced by specific types of focusing and if the user relaxes then it snows.

McLeod also made it possible for a user to manipulate colors and sounds in the diorama. His works were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show that took place earlier this year in Las Vegas. At the same time the artist displays his traditional works, i.e. with no technology involved, in "Distant Secrets," at Angell Gallery in Toronto.

[via FastCoDesign]

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