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Community Transit - Meet the Transportation System of the Future


This original and universal transportation system was designed by Dave Owsen, who was greatly inspired by the structure of plant cells and the way they function.

The system provides a variety of options - it can be used to transport people and cargo. Mr. Owsen entitled his project "Community Transit". He hopes that in the near future the new system could serve as alternatives for the bus systems used today.

Inside the cell there's enough space for a family with two children. The designer decided to use face-to-face configuration of seats and a touchscreen interface incorporated into the stationary wall surface. By using the touchscreen a person can choose a route with just a few touches.

Businesses can use the same technology to easily transport certain cargos within specially designed cargo cells, which, thanks to their modular dimension, can hold up to five full loads, informs The Design Blog.

Scientists at MIT also developed an organic dye that will be used in the creation of windows for the new system. The dye concentrates light to the edges of the window where it is captured and converted into electricity by solar cells that border the surface.

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