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Company Invented a Suit That Can Be Worn in Shower


A company based in Australia invented a suit that can be worn in shower by busy chief executives while they wash. Designers developed the suit in a way so it could be cleaned right under the showerhead. It is worth mentioning that the garment is made from local wool.

A person wearing the new outfit won't have to soak, dry clean or soap it. The suit's owner Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), a research and marketing company representing Australian woolgrowers, described its invention as "revolutionary" and it has already been noticed in Japan. Already 170,000 orders have been placed.

The company's corporate affairs spokesman, Stephen Feighan, said: "The idea is that you hang it up and then ... you give it a spray, and leave it overnight, and it's dry the next morning."

The person who invented the suit is a Japanese researcher who works for the company. To create the garment he combined three technologies. But the key of the suit is minimal lining. It allows the garment to dry quickly.

According to Mr Feighan, the suit was developed mainly for corporate people, especially those who travel a lot or stay up late. The invention got the attention of the airline industry as well.

AWI's corporate affairs spokesman said that he has neither worn the suit nor tested it in the shower, due to the fact that the garment fits only Japanese figures. Nevertheless the company hopes its suit will hit stores in Europe and India. Australians will be able to test the suit in 2009 or 2010.


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