Friday, 06 May, 2011 Technology

Concept of the Day: Fukushima Plate Informs on the Radiation Level of Food


Because of the nuclear crisis in Japan a lot of people became worried about the food the buy.

This is why Nils Ferber decided to design a special plate that will signal about the level of radiation in a meal.

The artist entitled his design Fukushima Plate, and according to Ferber the plate includes a built-in radioactive meter that displays the level of contamination in a food.

Ferber's plate has customizable radiation level settings. According to Ferber this feature was added because different people perceive the hazards linked with radiation very differently.

In the image you can see the plate showing the rings of light. If the plate displays one ring that means there's a trace of radiation, two - a little more radiation and three means the food is hazardous, reports Gothamist.

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