Friday, 15 Apr, 2011 Technology

Concept of the Day: KINECTed Conference Project


This innovative project involves the use of sound sensors and of course Microsoft Kinect, one of the most selling consumer electrics gadgets.

Using Kinect, the designers Lining Yao, Anthony DeVincenzi, Ramesh Raskar and Hiroshi Ishii were able to add a number of very impressive features into videoconferencing.

For example, the Freezing Former Frames is a feature that stops the current frame, "freezing" a selected area so the user could finish another task without offending the user on the other end.

Another feature is called Talking to Focus - it identifies the speaker and then blurs out everything in the frame, leaving only a clear image of the speaker, reports Yanko Design.

Watch the video below to see the KINECTed videoconference.

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