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Construction of Modern Titanic Announced by Australian Billionaire


Clive Palmer is an Australian billionaire who decided to build a life-sized replica of Titanic. However, the new ship will only have the same look as the actual Titanic; the rest will be modern upgrades, so it won't end up like its infamous counterpart.

Instead of rivets and faulty steel, the new vessel will be made using modern welding and materials. The use of a larger rudder and bow thrusters will allow the ship to register better maneuverability and a rounder bow will ensure a considerable cut in fuel consumption.

Inside the vessel everything will be of the 21st century, including a diesel-fueled engine and latest navigation technology and safety equipment. The four smoke stacks will be attached to the ship just to make its design closer to that of the Titanic.

The Totanic II is expected to measure 270 meters (886 feet) in length and able to house 1,680 passengers. It will travel the same path as the original, i.e. from England to New York. The trip is expected to start by late 2016.

Although previously there were attempts to create a replica of Titanic, in the end all of them stuck on the stage of raising money for finishing the project or securing a shipyard for it.

In case of Mr. Palmer, everything is ready for the project to start and end successfully. It is worth mentioning that the 5th richest man in Australia has been successful in real estate and coal mining businesses and boasts a wealth of AUD$5 billion.

Palmer managed to reach an agreement with China's CSC Jinling Shipyard to build a ship called "Titanic II." The agreement also includes the construction of 3 other ships to ensure that tourists are able to book a trip on the new ship in just a couple of years.

[via Washington Post]

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