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New-Generation Contact Lenses Could Send Data from Internet Right to Your Eyes


Nearly everyday we can witness the appearance of new computers that are smaller in size than their predecessors. A lot of people around the world use their smartphones to surf the web, play games and use a myriad of applications, either for entertainment, business or both.

In case such trend continues to progress, in the future we could witness the appearance on the market of contact lenses that can project the user's emails right onto their eyeballs.

A group of researchers at Washington University has recently carried out tests of a new-gen contact lenses that can make it possible for their wearer to read emails and augment their vision with various data collected from the Internet.

The circuits inside the lenses are made of layers of metal that are just a few nanometers thick and include light-emitting diodes that are 1/3rd of a millimeter across.

But researchers still have to think about ways to supply power to these lenses. The lenses that have been tested work only in case there are several centimeters away from a wireless battery. There re also other issues that the team has to solve, like those linked with toxic chemicals.

The lead researcher, Prof. Babak Parviz, said that at the moment the team has the goal of incorporating "some predetermined text in the contact lens".

According to researchers, in future their lenses could show complex holographic imagery - price comparison data, for example - when the user will look at a particular product.

Such invention could be widely used in medical field and home entertainment, reports BBC.

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