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Creating Information Mashups with Mozenda


Gathering unstructured information from different online sources in one place is a good way of analyzing products and prices, learning about what's new and what's worth and if you enjoy reading news, then it is a good way to keep you up-to-date with the latest stories from around the globe, thus you create a web mashup, which can be simple or complex. Mashups stick together data from web and non-web sources, making the collected data useful for individuals or companies.

A powerful tool that harvests information from different online sources is Mozenda, which is actually a web browser that helps you surf the web and display the information you want to harvest. With Mozenda you can capture both text and pictures from virtually any page on the Web. Besides, there is no need for programming, the technology is quite simple and easy to use once you get used to it. It should be rather easy to use for those who can familiar with a web browser, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Basically, Mozenda is web scrapper that was established with the goal of collecting unstructured data and transforming it into reusable information. Whenever you browse a web page using Mozenda's integrated web browser, you are free to choose from different actions offered you by the service. Everything you do is registered in a list that you can find next to a thumbnail of the respective page. Users can learn more about Mozenda from the video posted at the bottom of the article or visit the company's website and take a virtual tour.

Users can take advantage of the Mozenda Agent Builder which can teach to carry out different actions on various websites so it could later do everything you need automatically. It is worth mentioning that with Mozenda you can send information to your FTP or an email. But at this time the service is not completely anonymous. The company, however, says that in the near future its service will be entirely anonymous for users who want to take advantage of the option.

The Mozenda websites features everything you need to know about the product, including information on pricing and FAQs.

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