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Cricut Cake Printer - Make Various Cake Decorations at Home


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Cricut Cake printer is a perfect tool for house parties. This is not an ordinary printer - it was developed to make various cake decorations with just a push of a button.

Making a cake decoration with Cricut Cake is as simple as using a traditional printer to print a text. The device cuts various shapes, words and motifs into frosting sheets, cookie dough, chocolate and soft candies.

To make a decoration the user doesn't need a computer. The only thing that is needed is to select the preferred letters or shapes and press cut. After the printer did its work, the user just has to peel away the cut shapes and begin the decoration.

There is an entire collection of such printers that also includes Cricut Mini (a device that is smaller and less expensive) and the Martha Stewart Cricut.

It is worth mentioning that the 3 printers from the collection include food cutting cartridges, 12 inch x 12 inch food-safe cutting mat, stainless steel cutting blade, keypad protector, quick start guide, DVD with detailed instructions and a cleaning guide, reports 7gadgets. The printer is currently available at $399.99.

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