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CruxSKUNK - Case that Turns Your iPad Into Slim, Stylish Laptop


Check out this new case for the iPad called CruxSKUNK. The goal of the designers was to make the tablet look and feel like a laptop.

The most interesting thing about the case is that it was made in the same style as Apple devices and when the iPad is attached to it, you might mistake the whole construction with MacBook.

Due to the fact that the case is made of rigid materials, it will sit on your lap just like an ordinary laptop, thus you won't have to protect it from falling over.

CruxSKUNK also boasts a 360-degree hinge, which allows the user to put the device is nearly any position. You are free to rotate it flat, use it as a stand etc. It is just 19 mm thick, and the base measures 6 mm.

The case is connected via Bluetooth. It features a 350 mAH battery that would need to charge just once a month. In addition, CruxSKUNK comes with a USB sync cable and a leather sleeve.

[via Gizmag]

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