Monday, 22 Feb, 2010 Technology

CTRUS - World's First Smart and Transparent Soccer Ball


Designers from AGENT, a strategic intelligence embassy, came up with a new type of soccer ball that doesn't need air and is transparent.

The ball is called CTRUS and according to the design team it is the first and only ball that one can see through.

The functional principle of the ball is based on the mechanical features of the materials used to manufacture it, such as an interior structure (skelle-core) and an outer net-embedded shell that is made using a reinforced elastomer so it would get more flexible compared to traditional soccer balls.

One more interesting fact about this ball is that it has a built-in interactive detection system - with GPS/RFID inner light it changes colors, thus wirelessly informing control stations of certain game situations like goal, offside, strike force, travel speed and whether the ball crossed the line. This ball can help referees in making the right decisions on the field.


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