Tuesday, 14 Dec, 2010 Technology

Cybook Orizon - World's Slimmest Multitouch eBook Reader


Bookeen has given all eBook readers a new reason to celebrate this holiday season. The company has launched its brand new Cybook Orizon eBook that boasts a number of impressive features.

Despite the fact that today the market features a myriad of eBook readers, the Cybook Orizon will surely find its niche, especially when considering the fact that the device has a multitouch 6-inch display with pinch-to-zoom features.

The Cybook Orizon is just 7.6mm thick, which means that it is currently the slimmest eBook reader in the world.

Among other features there's 2GB of onboard memory and a web browser. Besides, the Cybook Orizon supports Wi-Fi for connectivity, reports . The device is available in 17 countries around the Europe.

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