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Dell Introduces World's Thinnest Laptop


The Round Rock-based multinational computer company, Dell, presented its new laptop, which claims to be the thinnest laptop in the world. The new gadget from Dell is entitled Adamo and it weights just 1.8 kg and is 1.64cm thick, which makes the laptop thinner than the popular MacBook Air from Apple. However, the Adamo is heavier than its rival from Apple.

According to a spokesman from Dell, Adamo is the first representative of the company's range of luxury laptops. The laptop is expected to go on sale at the end of Mach, featuring a basic 1.2GHz Intel Core2D processor with DDR3 system memory. Its retailing price is $2,000.

Dell's marketing director, David Clifton, outlined that the Adamo was not a product intended to compete with a particular brand. The company wanted to make a stylish laptop with an attractive design and which would be high in craftsmanship.

The main goal of lunching a luxury laptop, according to Mr. Clifton, is to broaden people's perception of the company. Dell's marketing director says he doesn't see any downside in introducing a luxury product during one of the worst economic recessions.

Tim Danton, who is the editor of PC Pro magazine, said that the Adamo is the product that was intended to have an influence on Dell's brand rather than on company's sales. With "the world's thinnest laptop" Dell will be able to come up with a strong marketing campaign, he said.

Dell's representatives said that the company put just as much effort into developing the design of the Adamo laptop as it has improving the hardware inside. It is worth mentioning that Adamo's 13.4-inch display is powered by Intel's X4500 graphics chip. According to Dell, the Adamo is able to run for up to 5 hours on full battery charge.

"Times have changed and people make judgment calls not just on spec, but what something looks like and how that product reflects on them," said Mr. Danton.

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