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Design Team Uses Multimedia Offroad Vehicle to Bring Virtual Life to Sahara


Artist Markos Aristides Kern together with the team from his visual design company Visual Drugstore has used a Multimedia Offroad Vehicle, or MMOV, to create different visual effects in the Saharan desert.

The project started in January and over a period of two weeks, the vehicle traveled across the desert landscape of Tunisia.

The goal of the whole project is to "connect various locations combining harmony and disharmony." Simply speaking, the team wanted to project images of some of the most dense populated regions one of the planet's most empty areas, thus enriching the night of the empty desert with bright, pulsating light, turning the area's huge dry rock into beautiful waterways of Venice, Italy.

To be able to successfully reach their goal, the German company employed several off-road vehicles, including a MAN KAT1 6x6 for the MMOV, and a VW MAN 4x4 for the MMOV 2.

The two vehicles were equipped with advanced projection equipment set-ups developed to be able to cast complex light shows in just a matter of seconds.

It would be interesting to note that Visual Drugstore plans to launch a full documentary of its trip to the Saharan desert in the upcoming weeks.

[via Visual Drugstore]

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