Thursday, 18 Oct, 2012 Technology

Designer Creates 3D-Printed Acoustic Guitar


Scott Summit designed his guitar on a computer and with the help of 3D printing he made it reality.

After designing the guitar, he sent his work to 3D Systems, which made use of its huge 3D printers to make a real acoustic guitar from the graphic model.

The guitar can actually play and it's the world's first 3D-printed acoustic guitar.

It would be interesting to note that most of his time Summit designs various body parts and stylish prosthetics that are created by 3D printers.

Being one of the leading 3D printing and design specialists, Summit came up with the idea of using his skills to bring his childhood vision to life. It is worth mentioning that when he was a kid he wanted the kind of guitar that Jerry Garcia played, but its cost was $3,000, and he couldn't afford one. Now he can build one.

[via Businessweek]

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