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Device to Help Save Time and Money at Mall


A scientist managed to create a hand-held device that is able to provide the best route to a store at mall for a person who wants to get all shopping done. In addition, the device informs about the places with the best bargain.

The gadget was created by Javier Bajo at the University of Salamanca in Spain. The researcher has already tested its device in a shopping mall in Salamanca, where it proved to be very helpful, receiving a lot of positive votes from both shoppers and owners of the stores.

"Most shop managers believe that the device has helped their businesses attract more customers and sell more," says Bajo.

It is worth mentioning that the Tormes mall in Salamanca features over 80 different stores and over 2,400 people expressed their willingness to use the new gadget. To start using the device, shoppers firstly need to introduce the information about their preferences, the amount of money they intend to spend and the amount of time they have at their disposal. After the data is introduced, the gadget maps out the shops and provides information about their offers. To find the store, the device uses radio frequency identification (RFID) and to receive information about the store it uses Wi-Fi.

The gadget may also be helpful to those who pay a visit to the mall simply to spend some time, without the goal of buying something specific. It may suggest visiting certain movies at the cinema, or specific restaurants.

"You can ask the system for suggestions based on your specific interests, and it will suggest a route for you, including different activities," says the developer.

The inventor is currently working on a similar project - a device that would be of much help to the nurses who take care of elderly people. It will be able to inform, for example, which patient needs attending in the first place.

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