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487 Billion Gigabytes of Digital Content Today to Double Every 18 Months


IDC has estimated that the overall amount of digital data now equals 487 billion gigabytes, mainly due to social networking websites, internet-enabled mobile phones, as well as government surveillance.

It was reported that this figure will double approximately every 18 months. According to John Gantz, Chief Research Officer for IDC, with the economic downturn in the late 2008, the amount of data transmitted and created over the Internet, along with phone networks and airwaves, registered a significant increase.

In its study IDC found that the quantity of digital data created last year, showed a 3 percent increase, which is faster that it was earlier predicted, reports TG Daily. It is expected that in 2012, the amount of digital information will increase five times compared to 2008. While performing their calculations, the authors of the study decided to make some interesting equivalents of the total amount of digital information, saying that it equals 237 billion fully-loaded Amazon Kindle readers or 30 billion Apple iPod Touches.

IDC forecasts that during the next couple of years the number of Internet users will increase by 600 million, while the number of people using mobile phones will tremble. Growth will be also registered among non-traditional devices, like automobile navigation systems, industrial machines and intelligent sensor controllers. Email, messaging and social networks will also grow.

Researchers calculated that 850 million people will acquire and sell goods and services on the Internet by 2012. Internet commerce will represent a $13 trillion industry, which is twice the value calculated in 2008. The authors say that the financial crisis will trigger more regulation and supervision from the government, leading to more secured ways of maintaining information online, which in its turn means more digital information.

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