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Digital Wallet - Quick and Easy Money Transfer in Real-Time


Today plastic money is probably the most convenient way of carrying out a transaction. However, sometimes we face certain problems linked with plastic cards, like bad connection or no connection whatsoever.

In a digital world easy, fast and safe business deals are a must, which is why Fredrik Palmblad, a designer from Sweden, decided to invent a digital gadget which he entitled Digital Wallet.

Unlike plastic cards, the wallet holds money and ensures a fast and safe money transaction wherever you are.

All that the user needs to do in order to transfer a certain amount of money from one account to another is to connect two devices, place their thumb on top of the outer ring (so the Digital Wallet could pick the amount of money) and press the screen to transfer money to the other device.

If the transfer is successful, the LED stripe lights up. More images are available here.

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