Tuesday, 23 Aug, 2011 Technology

DIY Flying Car Made of 1987 Soviet Vehicle


Valery Bulgakov, a former Russian pilot managed to come up with a flying vehicle that was created using an old Ukrainian 1987 ZAZ Tavria hatchback.

The three-door car served as the central cockpit component for the pilot. The design of the flying vehicle is almost the same as the original version with just wings and a horizontal tail-plane added.

The flying car doesn't have a powerful engine. Although the vehicle does really fly, the engine requires about 20 seconds in order to get to a minimum speed of 60 miles per hour at which it can take off.

The DIY flying ZAZ Tavria can fly at an altitude of just 10 feet (3 meters) but it's probably enough for a home-made vehicle, which can hardly boast any safety features.

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