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DTXTR Deciphers What Teens are TXTING


If you want to understand text messages written by teenagers today, you may consider using a new online translation tool developed by LG Electronics MobileComm USA.

The tool from the mobile phone manufacturer is called DTXTR (Dee-text-er). It represents a web service that deciphers teen text speech turning it into normal English.

All you have to do is write the shortcuts, for example 2G2BT, and you will be given the translation in plain English, in this case "too good to be true".

It is worth mentioning that DTXTR contains a vocabulary with hundreds of definitions for abbreviated text phrases, short forms of words and symbols. In addition, with its help parents can get acquainted with some text tips that will inform them about texting, why do teens text, how to send a text message, how to check text messages and more.

The online translation tool is available here .

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