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Dustball Robot - A Device for Cleaning Public Spaces


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Dave Hakkens, a Dutch designer, thought that it would be useful to make a robotic ball that would roll around different public spaces and act as a vacuum cleaner.

According to the designer, his concept was inspired by a hamster ball. Hakkens says that his device, which is about the size of a soccer ball, is able to move around by swinging its internal weight across two axes, reports YankoDesign.

The core of the device features a motor that produces the flow of air coming from the honeycomb of vents found in the outer shell. The motor also blows out short burst of used air to clean the corners, where it is difficult to access the dirt.

After filling up the dust collector, the device returns to a specially design dock station where power is refilled. During the charging process, the ball glows. The device has its two halves of the outer shell connected with the help of a magnetic force. The latter is turned off when the ball requires emptying. The user just removes the dust collector, cleans it and puts it back into the ball.

The designer considers that the Dustball will be useful in public spaces such as train stations or airports. In case it stands in your way, simply kick it away like a soccer ball. Check out the video below to see how it works.

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